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Handicapable Development

In 1992 I had contracted TB meningitis. It unfortunately left me with a lot of nerve damage. Clinically I am classified as an incomplete paraplegic. My initial recovery was quite remarkable but in the last ten years my muscles in my right leg and gluts started to deteriorate. Two years ago I started to use two crutches because of the weakness and balance issues and had no feeling of what my right leg and foot muscles were doing. I was referred to Jesse by my Massage Therapist. Since I have been having treatments I have been more aware of my muscles. I can see improvements in small everyday things like rolling over in bed, getting in and out of the tub, standing more erect etc. For me M.A.T. has been very encouraging. I feel that in time I will recover to a good level of mobility. I have tried many different therapies and have found M.A.T. to be very successful. Jesse knows his craft and is a caring therapist as he works toward what is best for the client.  

- Sid Halsband