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Enhance & Optimize

We are human and we are individuals. The health and fitness world often overlooks this crucial detail when attempting to guide others in their pursuit to physical greatness.


To properly assess current capabilities, administer appropriate exercise, and optimize physical prowess; one must possess a significant understanding of Biomechanics, Physics, and have an unbiased view of how human systems interact as a whole.


The Ultimate Exercise Experience is what you can expect. Having a unique perspective on how to optimize human motion requires an ever changing perspective of how our nervous system, structural system (bones, joints, and connective tissues), and muscular system work symbiotically together for muscular balance and, more importantly, joint control. Careful consideration must be given to all aspects of training from cell physiology, anatomical structure, and the physics behind motion as related to your individual goals and challenges. The most informed and strategic plan yields the best gains in physical strength, speed, and endurance.


Jesse Wild Muscle Activation utilizes highly individualized training techniques along the Functional Continuum® to increase training efficacy and identify inhibiting stressors optimizing the time you spend becoming the best you!  Functional Continuum® Training maximizes training efforts while concurrently reducing the likelihood of becoming injured.


Exercises don’t “work muscles”, working muscles creates exercises. 

Functional Continuum®


Strategic Variation®


The Exercise Experience™

Strategic Resistance™

Exercise Mechanic