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Weekend Warrior

As a dancer, I had injuries requiring multiple surgeries on my right knee and ankle. Due to compensating for this, I developed chronic left hip and back pain. This developed to the point where I was unable to sleep through the night when I was in my early twenties. Physical therapy and Chiropractic care did not solve the problem, and when I discovered M.A.T. I had my first solid sleep in years. I awoke the next morning almost afraid to get out of bed and ruin whatever the M.A.T. session had accomplished. To my delight, the first entire half of the day was pain-free. That had not happened since my early teens. The more sessions I went to, the longer the pain-free periods became, until I was finally going weeks with no pain, not even in my surgical right knee which I had been told would always ache. I was able to travel more, work out more intensively, and even start dancing recreationally again. Through M.A.T., I learned how to exercise in a way that supported muscle function and joint mechanics rather than trying to just maximize flexibility and strength of the muscle groups I was accustomed to using. I became more balanced physically, more productive professionally, and happier personally. I have worked with Jesse for three years, and during that time he has enabled me to live the life I want to live. He is careful, responsive, compassionate, and effective at his work. I heartily recommend Jesse to anyone looking to pursue the benefits of M.A.T.

- Alissa Zingman MD